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Watching YouTube videos in Polish can give you a unique insight into Polish culture. Thanks to lesser known tools like YouTube’s Trending section (, you can see exactly which new videos Polish people are watching right now.

Watching Polish YouTube videos allows you to get a glimpse into Polish culture as well as enjoy videos on your favourite topics. Thanks to subtitles, you can acquire specific vocabulary to talk about the things that most interest you.

[alert-note]TOP TIP – Not into YouTube? Use books instead.
If YouTube isn’t your sort of thing, don’t worry – you can do the same with Polish books. Click here to find some Polish literature that you might be interested in:[/alert-note]

Gain instant access to Polish culture

Once you’ve got a list of videos, pick one that you like and watch it. You’ll instantly be presented with topics and terms which you can use in language exchanges – all by simply watching TV. Polish YouTube videos don’t just provide an insight into Polish culture and interests. The videos are also packed full of real world vocabulary in context for you to add to your Anki deck.

Find videos that you know you’ll enjoy

If you really can’t see a video that you like the look of, head to the YouTube search bar instead. Search (in Polish) for a topic which interests you. For example, searching for “gotowanie” (which means “cooking”) will bring up lots of Polish videos about cooking. It’s a great technique to discover specific vocabulary that relates to your particular interests.

Use subtitles to find out which new words you need to look up

By clicking on “Filters”, you can filter your search results to only videos with subtitles which might help you to follow along easier. Just click on “Subtitles/CC” under “Features” and make sure to click on the “CC” button on the play bar when you’re actually watching the video.

However, due to the unique way that YouTube works, finding a video with subtitles via this method doesn’t necessarily mean that both the video and the subtitles will be in Polish. This is actually a good thing – should you find yourself presented with a Polish video with English subtitles or, even better, an English video with Polish subtitles, watch it anyway, as you’ll immediately benefit from the comprehensible input.

Subscribe so that you never miss out on a new video

Once you’ve found a few good Polish YouTube channels with some interesting content, why not subscribe? The channel will update you any time it posts something else which may interest you. Over time, you’ll end up building yourself your own personalised Polish Netflix for free!

[alert-warning]TL;DR: Watching interesting Polish YouTube videos will help boost your vocabulary by providing you with real life Polish vocabulary which you can add to Anki and use in your language exchanges, particularly if the videos have accompanying subtitles.[/alert-warning]
Which Polish YouTube channels do you recommend?
[alert-announce]Most of the Polish YouTube videos that I tend to be music videos. However, if there’s one Polish language YouTube channel that I have to recommend, it’s “5 Sposobów na...” Five guys take completely ordinary objects and show you five cool things that you can do with them. Prepare to be amazed – we’re talking “towing a car with a rope made of plastic bags” crazy. They’ve got hundreds of videos and are definitely worth a watch. If you have a recommendation for me, leave it in the comments below. Give me a brief summary of what I can expect. When I get a chance, I’ll check it out![/alert-announce]

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