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If you’re an English speaker and you want to learn how to speak confident Polish, you’re in the right place. Maybe you’re like me and have a Polish partner. Whether you’re learning Polish for yourself or for others, this is the page to get you started quickly and effectively.

Who I am

My name is Nathan and I’m a Polish language learner from the UK. Despite being a native English speaker and never living in Poland, I learned how to speak conversational Polish after just a few months of practice.

I started in late 2015 and here’s a glimpse of what I could do by 2016:

Before you think I’m superhuman, I’ll show you exactly how I did and you’ll realise that I’m not special at all. You can do it too.

I know what it’s like to get frustrated learning Polish and I know the unique challenges that us English speakers face when trying to learn. Unlike the many Poles that try to help, I learned Polish as an adult. Because of my struggles, I developed extremely effective ways to learn. This website is a chance for me to share everything that I know so that I can help as many people as possible (4,647 people at last count).

How I did it

I used a free software called Anki. It’s not actually a language learning software, but it helps you remember all of the Polish that you’ve learned. All I did was make electronic flashcards to test my Polish. The more flashcards I studied, the more Polish I could understand. However, making the flashcards took me months. Because I made them myself, it probably helped me to remember the Polish better. Not everyone wants to wait to see progress though, which is why I sell Anki packs for people who want to get started immediately.

Apart from that, all I did was speak to natives on Skype. Over time, they gave me corrected corrections which I added to Anki. Each time I studied my flashcards, I learned the correct way to say things until it felt weird to say it any other way. That’s how I learned the grammar too.

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