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Welcome to the Resources section. This is my curated list of tools that I use and strongly recommend for anyone who is learning how to speak Polish.

I have personally used every single item on this page at some point in my language learning journey. All of them were essential in getting my Polish up to the level that it is today and for allowing me to reach a conversational level in such a short space of time.

These resources are the only tools that you need to succeed at every level of your Polish journey.

Which of the following describes you?

I have a limited vocabulary/terrible grammar

The following resources are designed to improve your limited vocabulary as well as eradicate your grammar mistakes.

The Anki Packs

Stop embarrassing yourself, eliminate your grammar mistakes and never be lost for words again

I use Anki everyday. As a result, I don’t forget any of the Polish that I’ve learned. However, this memory tool is only as good as the content that you put into it.

FREE TUTORIAL: Not familiar with Anki? Want to know know how to set it up correctly first time, so that you’ll never have to look at its settings ever again? Buy now and you’ll also receive a free 35 minute long video tutorial showing you, step-by-step, how to learn Polish with Anki from scratch!

Making your own Anki decks could take you months or even years. I’m not exaggerating here – the Starter Pack alone took me more than five months to create. Downloading one of the ready-to-go resources below means you don’t have to spend your time or effort making them. Therefore, you can be up and running within minutes. As a result, your time can be put to better use – learning how to speak Polish.

84,000+ flashcards
Beginner Vocabulary Deck
Beginner Grammar Deck
Vocabulary Builder
Grammar Booster
First 1,000 Deck
83,000+ flashcards
Beginner Vocabulary Deck
Beginner Grammar Deck
Vocabulary Builder
Grammar Booster
9,000+ flashcards
Beginner Vocabulary Deck
Beginner Grammar Deck

The Anki Packs were all personally created by me. Consequently, they contain the exact same cards that I have been using and incorporate all of the techniques and features that I found essential whilst learning Polish.

UPGRADE FOR FREE: Buy now and you’ll also receive instructions on how to upgrade the voice on your flashcards to one of the following voices completely for free!


Voice 1

Voice 2

All three of the packs come with a 30 day money back guarantee. In the highly unlikely event that you try one out for a few weeks and don’t see noticeable improvements in your Polish, email for a full refund. You’ve got nothing to lose and a whole language to gain. What are you waiting for?

Routledge’s Polish: A Comprehensive Grammar

The complete reference grammar guide for intermediate and advanced learners of Polish.

Resources: Routledge's Polish: A Comprehensive Grammar

The Polish grammar system is a minefield and this is your map. Although I hate Polish grammar, I acknowledge that knowledge of it is essential in order to sound like an educated speaker. In conclusion, whether you prefer to learn grammar directly or indirectly, this book can help. Why? Because it covers the simple, to the mundane, to the completely obscure. Although there were the occasional dodgy translations in the version that I read, this is the best Polish grammar book that I’ve ever come across and I highly recommend it to you.

  • The essential reference work on Polish grammar for all learners and users of the language.
  • Focuses on real patterns of use in contemporary Polish.
  • Invaluable resource for students of the Polish language.
  • Full of well selected and illuminating examples.
  • Covers all parts of Polish speech.

Find out more about Routledge’s “Polish: A Comprehensive Grammar” on Amazon:

See Routledge’s “Polish: A Comprehensive Grammar” on Amazon

Lingea Rozmównik Polsko-Angielski

Learn authentic Polish language with this incredible resource.

Resources: Lingea Rozmównik Polsko-Angielski

This is by far my favourite Polish language learning book. Because it’s grouped by words, it provides native examples of vocabulary in context, complete with an English translation. It’s a rather comprehensive treasure trove of example sentences and will help you understand a word’s meaning and usage better than any dictionary ever could.

  • Broaden your linguistic competence with this combined dictionary and phrasebook.
  • Useful for the absolute beginner as well as those at an intermediate level.
  • Tame Polish grammar with simple explanations.
  • Contains the most commonly used Polish phrases to ensure you’re using authentic language.
  • More than 15,000 examples to help you master not just the basics, but colloquialisms and slang too.

Find out more about the Lingea Rozmównik Polsko-Angielski on Amazon:

See Lingea Rozmównik Polsko-Angielski on Amazon

My pronunciation is awful

Stop struggling to say stuff. This course teaches you Polish pronunciation in easy steps using what you already know.

The Polish Pronunciation Programme

The Polish Pronunciation Programme is a purpose-built pronunciation course designed to help even complete novices pronounce Polish with ease.

FREE PRONUNCIATION LESSON: If you pre-order now, you’ll also receive free access to my video demonstrating an incredibly easy and effective technique to pronounce any Polish word or phrase like a native!

image by The Gimp adapted from Canepari (2005) created by en:User:ish_ishwar in 2005 released under CC-by-2.0

  • Do you struggle to keep up with native conversation? These audio files come in two speeds, novice and native. That means you can learn the pronunciations at a pace which suits you before encountering them at native speed.
  • Stop struggling with specific sounds. Each audio file trains you on a specific sound, giving you the chance to focus on the phonemes that stump you the most.
  • No complicated pronunciation instructions. The coursebook provided is written in plain English, allowing you to perfect your pronunciation easily using words you already know.

Discover why the PPP is the only tool you need to improve your Polish pronunciation here:

FREE TONGUE TWISTERS: Pre-order now and you’ll also get a completely free list of Polish tongue twisters to test your new abilities once you’ve finished the course!

…and it comes with support AND a 30 day money-back guarantee!

I don’t even know the basics

The following two books had a huge impact on my language learning when I first started. Both are especially relevant for beginners.

Lonely Planet Polish Phrasebook and Dictionary

Learn the mother tongue of illustrious personalities such as Copernicus, Chopin, Joseph Conrad, Marie Curie and Pope John Paul II.

Resources: Lonely Planet Polish Phrasebook and Dictionary

My very first Polish phrasebook. I used this book so much that it fell apart. It was always handy to shove it into my back pocket during trips to Poland so that I could always make myself understood. The themed topics and short dictionary meant that I could always look up anything that I wanted to say, plus after adding its sentences to Anki and learning them, I finally realised that learning how to speak Polish fluently was an actual possibility.

  • Never get stuck for words with this 3,500-word two-way dictionary.
  • Order the right meal with the menu decoder.
  • Avoid embarrassing situations with essential tips on culture & manners.
  • Coverage includes Basics, Practical, Social, Safe Travel and Food.
  • Written and researched by Lonely Planet and Piotr Czajkowski.

Find out more about the Lonely Planet Polish Phrasebook and Dictionary on Amazon:

See Lonely Planet Phrasebook and Dictionary on Amazon

Lingea Rozmówki Angielskie

More than 2,000 useful sayings and expressions written in both Polish and English.

Resources: Lingea Rozmówki Angielskie

Finally, this little gem was the first piece of native literature that I tried to learn from. Packed full of native sentences and phrases, I preferred this phrasebook to Lonely Planet’s solely because I knew the Polish in it was native (since it was written by Poles for Poles). It covers more or less the same topics and is small enough to fit in your pocket. As a result, it allows you to learn or practise Polish on the move. In conclusion, if you can get a copy, do – even if that’s in addition to another phrasebook that you already own.

  • Arranged by theme so that you can find the phrase you need in seconds.
  • 2,600 sayings and expressions to allow you to pick up key vocabulary.
  • Covers an array of subjects, providing you with the vital vocabulary for eating out, shopping, leisure, work, appearance and beyond.
  • Find the word that you need instantly in the 8,000 word pocket dictionary.
  • Explains terms in both English and Polish to make sure that you always understand.

Find out more about Lingea Rozmówki Angielskie on Amazon:

See Lingea Rozmówki Angielskie on Amazon

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