Start speaking Polish today!

What’s the biggest problem you have with learning Polish?

  • Grammar? Do you struggle with cases and when to use them?
  • Pronunciation? Do you lack the confidence to speak out?
  • Remembering vocabulary? Is it difficult to remember sentences and words effectively?
  • Finding someone to practise with? Do the Poles that you speak to all talk to you in English?
  • Learning by yourself? Starting to feel like you need some human contact now?

You no longer have to struggle alone. I’ve written a short ebook full of ways to learn Polish much faster than you do now. There isn’t a great variety of content out there, so I decided to make it myself.

There’s a lot of content out there for people who want to learn a language for two years only to reach a basic A2 level. This isn’t for them. This book is for Polish language learners who are interested in accelerated learning.

From start to finish, it’s full of useful information that you can confirm is valid. For example:

  • you can learn grammar rules from sentences
  • spaced repetition is better than standard memorising
  • passive listening doesn’t work

I’ll tell you exactly how you can work on your conversational skills, learn more Polish and keep motivated. You’ll also learn what I did to learn Polish pronunciation and intonation, as well as my easy way of structuring and remembering sentences.

If you want to confidently speak to Polish people in their tongue, you need this book!

Polish: How To Speak Polish For Beginners

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The easiest way to learn Polish, step by step

One reader, David, read this book and had a twenty minute conversation with a Polish native just a few days later. If you want to learn Polish fast, you need this step by step guide.

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