Play music now! It’ll improve your Polish (as well as your taste in music)

Play music now. Put on any Polish song right this second. Have you ever noticed that when you hear a song that you haven’t heard for a long time, you immediately know the words to sing along – even though you never actually tried to learn the words? That’s the power of music. If you’ve ever had a song stuck in your head, you can get Polish stuck in your head too.

Music is the secret weapon of the successful language learner. Sure, it’s enjoyable to listen to, but Polish music also provides many additional benefits to those learning the language: Not only does listening to Polish music count as listening practice, but singing along to the lyrics will help you improve your pronunciation too. Here’s how to use music to master Polish:

Play music now and keep listening

Even if it’s the cheesiest song ever, providing it’s in Polish, it counts as listening practice. Keep listening to Polish music and learning new words from it. You’ll struggle to find a more enjoyable way to both build your vocabulary and work on your listening comprehension.

Sing your way to perfect Polish pronunciation

The secret to improving your Polish pronunciation is imitating native speakers. That includes when they’re singing too. Yes – singing along to Polish songs will improve your pronunciation! Regardless of how bad a singer you are, get searching for some lyrics and sing along. Don’t worry – that doesn’t mean you’ll be singing when you speak, but you will certainly see the effect on your normal speech. It really does work! (Thank me later.)

How to build your Polish playlist

If you aren’t sure how to start building your Polish music collection, here are three easy ways to find a range of Polish songs for you to buy, download and stream later:

  1. Search for the music genre on the internet. For example, if you were looking for Polish psychodelic rock, you could either search for “polish psychodelic rock” or, to find the Polish name of the genre, search for the article about the genre on (the English) Wikipedia and then click to read the article in Polish. There you’ll be presented with the Polish equivalent (Rock psychodeliczny) which you can then search for.
  2. Browse popular charts. If you head to the iTunes store in iTunes, you can change your country to Poland and then browse the latest hit music.
  3. Listen to Polish language radio. Pick one similar to what you would normally listen to, even if they play English music. The DJs and the commercial breaks will be in Polish, meaning that you’re still increasing your exposure to the language. While not all of the music will be in Polish, if you hear one you like that is, you can use a music identifying service to find out what it is.

Where to get hold of music

If you’re not content with just streaming songs via YouTube, you can get hold of quite a lot of tracks via the iTunes Store. If you’re looking for physical copies, I’d suggest buying through a site like empik and getting it shipped to you. Since we live in such a connected age, I tend to just stream online and have only ever bought one Polish language music CD: Donatan / Cleo : Hiper Chimera. It was totally worth it for the better sound quality, but unlike mp3s, you do have to wait a bit longer for it to arrive!


Play music now – search for Polish music to listen and sing along to for an easy and enjoyable way to improve your listening and pronunciation skills.

Which Polish songs do you like to listen to?

I’ve been curating my very own Polish music playlist which I like to sing along to while I’m driving. Give me the names of some of the Polish songs that you like to listen to in the comments below so that I can add a few more to my list.

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