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By Polish learners, for Polish learners.

Sign up to the ecourseNot many native English speakers have learned how to speak Polish from scratch. I’ve used my unfair advantage to create this free five-day email course, crafting it with the feedback of the users of this site. In it I share tons of tried and tested tips and tricks that I have learned whilst studying the language. Each lesson contains several exercises that you can try to help you improve. In addition, they’ll also link you to various useful blog posts, videos and other resources on the website to help you along the way. Every single email is jam-packed full of value.  That means that you can save both time and money by following my advice.

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Over the course of about a week, you’ll receive one email a day containing a whole wealth of information that will help you get ahead with your learning. Once you’ve successfully completed the ecourse, I’ll keep you on the mailing list. That way, I can inform you of any developments on that I think you might be interested in. Of course, if you’ve learned so much Polish that my emails aren’t providing you with any value anymore, you can unsubscribe at anytime.

Your feedback allows me to cater to you better

I’d love to hear how I can do better. If there’s something which I can improve, let me know via the contact form. I love constructive criticism and want to make this ecourse and this website the best resource that it can be. In conclusion, no matter how minuscule or insignificant it is, if you think it could be done better, let me know.

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