Want to learn how to speak Polish without expensive lessons, boring textbooks or moving to Poland?

That’s what I did and now I’m going to help you do the same.

Let me guess: You want to speak Polish, you’ve got nowhere with the stuff you’ve tried and now you’re not quite sure what to do.

I was in the same situation not that long ago. I made it through and I’m going to help you do the same.

Whether you can speak a bit of Polish already or have only just started your journey, you’re in the right place.

Since you’re here, I’m thinking you’re a highly motivated self-learner, keen to speak fluent Polish as quickly as possible.

But maybe you…

  • …have no idea how to learn Polish.
  • …don’t know how to progress.
  • …feel like you’re all alone in this big, bad Polish learning world.

Regardless of where you are in your Polish language learning journey, you want to speak BETTER Polish.

You want to be able to communicate with Polish natives about things that matter, to both you and them.

You’re ready to take your Polish to the next level and maybe even head to Poland yourself.

But at the moment, you’re not sure how to make that a reality. You feel a bit stuck.

Trust me, I’ve been there.

Here’s what I think…

  • You, like every other person on Earth, have an incredible power to learn languages – Polish being one of them. Trust me on this: I’ll prove it to you.
  • I believe you already have an idea of what you want to achieve with Polish. I’m here to help you achieve that goal in record time.
  • I believe that you deserve the happiness, respect and love that I have received from Polish people around the world for taking the time to learn their language. I’m determined for you too to experience what it’s like to be welcomed amongst Poles as one of their own.

In short, you can learn Polish and I’m here to show you how amazing you are at doing it.

My name is Nathan and I’m a little bit in love with learning Polish.

How did I end up on this journey?

Like all great stories, mine started with love.

In February 2013, I’d just started dating a beautiful Polish girl called Anna – a girl who would later become my wife!

A few months later we were invited to a wedding in Poland. Some friends (who had never set foot in the country) told me that Polish people were extremely racist and would probably beat me up just because I was black. I figured that this couldn’t be true since a) my girlfriend was Polish and b) another Pole had invited me to attend her wedding. To be on the safe side, I decided to get a Polish phrasebook and learn a few phrases to get me out of a sticky situation should it arise.

When I arrived in Wrocław, not only were people EXTREMELY friendly to me, but they were hugely grateful that I’d made an effort to learn even a few phrases in their language. In fact, the Polish people were so kind and welcoming that I decided to continue learning Polish when I got back to England.

Learning Polish quickly became my obsession.

I borrowed every course, dictionary and textbook I could find at the library. If there was an audio course online, I gave it a go. I tried everything.

Nothing was working.

Anna told me that I was wasting my time. “Polish is really difficult,” she said. “Don’t bother learning. I’ll just translate for you.” Translating seemed like a good idea to me…until the first time Anna went to the toilet when we were at her nan’s house.

Babcia Stanisława couldn’t speak a word of English. As we both waited for Anna to return, I experienced the most awkward silence of my life. Babcia and I just sat there in her living room staring at each other, not saying a word.

Convinced there was a better way, I scoured internet forums looking for answers. Where was that elusive holy grail to learn Polish? Had anyone actually done it before? Was there anyone whose path I could follow? It seemed that everyone giving out advice was a Polish native who had learned the language naturally as a child. No one seemed to be addressing the unique challenges of learning Polish as a monolingual native English speaker. The only non-native Polish speaker that I could find was of Polish decent, studied Polish at university and lived in Poland for several years. Moving country or studying Polish at university wasn’t an option for me. Surely there must be a way to learn Polish at home?

Almost conceding defeat, I turned to Spanish and Japanese language learning websites to try and find anything that might help. No matter where I looked I kept seeing the same word appearing: Anki.

It seemed that everyone and their uncle was using this app, so I thought I’d give it a go. I filled an Anki deck with useful Polish phrases, customised my cards and started studying daily.

And soon after…my Polish EXPLODED.

On my next trip to Poland, the previously incomprehensible noise coming out of Polish people’s mouths had suddenly became a lot clearer.

Despite neither living in the country nor taking a single Polish lesson, people were talking to me in Polish and I could understand most of what they were saying. After months of getting nowhere with the books and courses I’d borrowed and bought, my whole world was opened with the help of a COMPLETELY FREE computer program.

Crazy, right?

The problem was…I couldn’t speak back.

After we had returned to England, I discovered a website full of Poles who want to help learners improve their spoken Polish. I signed up hoping that I might find a language partner to practise my Polish with in exchange for helping them with their English. After just a few weeks, I had more than 50 offers – no payment necessary!

By studying with Anki daily and struggling through conversations with natives, within a few months I was confidently chatting in Polish on a variety of subjects. Sure, I made the odd mistake – I still do – but I was speaking Polish!

And now, I want to help you speak Polish too.

Through this blog, online courses and videos, I’ve helped more than 3,847 Polish languages learners LIKE YOU get closer to achieving their dreams.

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After all, if you’re not achieving your full potential, what are you doing?