I teach adults how to speak Polish confidently and effectively using tried and tested, science-based methods, so that they can speak the language fluently, develop stronger relationships with their Polish family and friends, and improve their work prospects.

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Why How To Speak Polish exists

On 9 February 2013, I met a Polish person for the very first time. On 12 August 2017, I married her.

Between those two dates, I managed to successfully conquer the Polish language to such a high level that whenever we travelled to Poland to organise the wedding, people would ask me how long I’d lived in the country.

“I live in England.”, I’d reply. “I’ve lived in England for my entire life.”

Over time, people have come up with their own theories as to why I can speak Polish as well as I can. “It’s easy for you…”, some say. “Your wife is Polish.”

Some people genuinely seem to think that I have somehow absorbed my wife’s linguistic ability via osmosis. If only it were that simple!

Having a Polish partner does not mean having a Polish teacher. In fact, sometimes I correct her Polish. (Yes, really!)

Laziness is a good thing

What these conspiracy theorists don’t know is that Anna and I almost always speak in English – even when we’re in Poland.

Old habits die hard and when it comes to speaking Polish, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m really, really lazy.

So lazy in fact, that way back in 2013 I scoured the entirety of the internet for someone – anyone – who could show me the shortcut to learning to speaking Polish. I just wanted to learn it to a “good enough” level with as little effort as possible.

The more I searched, the more I realised this person did not exist.

I continued to search and ended up on various websites – some for Japanese speakers and others for learners of Spanish. I tried out their techniques, kept what worked and dropped what didn’t.

“If only there were a place where Polish language learners could share what they’ve learned…”, I thought. “Somewhere where we could talk about what works and what doesn’t.”

There wasn’t anywhere, so I created HowToSpeakPolish.com to be that place.

Together with other Polish language learners around the world, I wanted to create the greatest Polish language learning resource on Earth – for learners, by learners.

There’s no hidden agenda here: My only goal is to help you speak confident, fluent Polish.

I’ve helped more than 8,465 Polish learners already. I can’t wait to help you too!

My incredibly effective method

Through years of experimentation, I finally worked out a simple system for learning Polish that has worked wonders for me and completely changed my life in the process.

My method is so simple that I can sum it up in just five words.

  1. Learn sentences
  2. Talk to people

I told you it was simple. However, “simple” does not mean “easy”. Learning Polish certainly isn’t easy if you don’t know how to do it. That’s why I’m here to help you.

One thing about learning Polish that’s not easy is starting.

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A few things that might surprise you

Once I had realised the following, I made incredible progress with my Polish:

You can’t learn Polish from a textbook

Polish is a living breathing language. There’s slang, international loan words and regional differences.

Add to that the fact that there are more than 100,000 Polish words and it’s easy to see that you can’t learn all of that from a textbook.

What you really need is a resource that is tried and tested and built for the real world – my email course.

Comprehensible input is the key to learning Polish

Due to a theory of language acquisition made popular in the 1970s by Professor Stephen Krashen, one of the best ways to improve your spoken Polish is to improve your understanding with “comprehensible input” – Polish which you can understand.

Understanding is what you need to focus on first. Besides, if you can ask someone “where is the train station?” yet can’t understand their response, you might as well have not bothered asking the question.

My email course will teach you the most effective way to find and consume tons of comprehensible input in a way that you’ll never forget it.

You can start with a small vocabulary

As crazy as it sounds, about 70% of all spoken Polish uses the same 1,145 Polish words over and over again.

On my email course, I’ll tell you exactly which words they are and how to master them so that you can communicate in Polish effectively, even if you only have a small vocabulary.

Hundreds of Poles will help you for FREE

Did you know that there are hundreds of Polish people crying out to help you speak their language? There are even websites and phone apps dedicated to connecting you with them, yet you probably don’t even know that they exist!

By signing up for my FREE five-day email course, I’ll show you exactly how you can find a Polish partner to practise with, plus give you my top tips for making the most of every conversation.

You don’t need to live in Poland

I’ve never lived in Poland and certainly never needed to in order to learn how to speak Polish.

There is nothing in the air in Poland that helps you learn Polish better. You can and will learn Polish if you follow the right method, whether you live in the United States, the United Kingdom or even France.

Of course, if you already live in Poland, that’s great, but my email course will help you learn Polish wherever you are because it’s based on universal principles which I explain on the course.

Immersion is a waste of time

Controversial, I know, but it’s true. Immersion won’t help you learn Polish whatsoever – take this from someone who listened to Polish radio for nine months solid and learned nothing.

In fact, there’s only one case where immersion works and is super effective…and I reveal exactly what it is in my email course!

Poles don’t know how to learn Polish!

Native Polish speakers do not know how to learn Polish. Since they learned the language as children, they have no idea how us “foreigners” learn Polish or how to overcome the difficulties that we face.

Fortunately for you, because I learned the language as a non-native, I can tell you all of the steps that I took and exactly what you should avoid to ensure that you learn Polish in the quickest, most effective way possible.

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Why you need my FREE Polish course

My email course will help you to learn Polish even if:

  • you “learned” a language at school and still couldn’t have a conversation in it, or…
  • you absolutely HATE Polish grammar, or…
  • you’re only curious about learning the Polish language, or…
  • you don’t think you’ll get beyond a few Polish phrases, or…
  • you just want to learn Polish because of how it sounds or looks

You don’t need a special talent – I flopped Spanish at college. If there really is a language gene, I definitely do not have it.

I didn’t grow up bilingual either. I was born and raised in England by an English-speaking family.

As for age, so what if kids learn languages better? Whether you’re 14 or 74 – this will work for you. I didn’t start speaking Polish until I was 24!

If you think you’ll be stumped by Polish grammar, don’t worry – I never learned it. In this email course, I’ll share with you my secret to speaking grammatically correct Polish without learning useless grammar rules.

This FREE course will show you how to speak confident Polish in just a few months, especially if:

  • you know some basic Polish, but need to be able to communicate more, or…
  • you’ve always wanted to speak a second language fluently, or…
  • learning the language will improve your work prospects, or…
  • you think that Polish is unpronounceable, or…
  • you have Polish speakers in your family

You’ll be able to communicate confidently and effectively without ever:

  • moving to Poland, or…
  • learning a single grammar rule, or…
  • having to look up words and phrases on your phone

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Sign up to my FREE five-day email course below. As a bonus, you’ll get a FREE copy of my new book “10 Tips To Instantly Improve Your Polish”.

You can unsubscribe at any time (but hardly anyone ever does.)

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